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user experience design, user interface design, art direction

A unique approach to student testing


TELL (Test of English Language Learning) is the first tablet-based language proficiency test with speech recognition. The iPad app was developed with high-quality graphics, an intuitive and simple user interface, and immediate feedback capabilities. 

Easing Students In


Because our users are not proficient English speakers, we paid careful attention to introduce the test in an approachable and non-intimidating way. All unnecessary and distracting elements were eliminated and the interface was made to be friendly and easy to follow.

Instructional Videos


Instructional videos were developed for every question type that showed a student answering the question. This was crucial for helping non-English speakers navigate the different response formats.

Speak Your Answer


Language skills are tested using a variety of methods. This allows the student to demonstrate their ability in a way that could never be done with traditional pencil and paper tests. In this case, students can speak their answer to the app after an image or video prompt.

Write Your Answer


Language skills are tested using a variety of methods. In this case, students use their finger to write their answer on the familiar D'Nealian lines.

Type Your Answer


Language skills are also dependent on the student's age. In this case, the older students have the opportunity to type their answer. The youngest students, no matter their language proficiency, would not be able to type their answer. This adaptability of question format more accurately tests the students' skills.

Touch Your Answer


In our usability tests, we found that some low-proficiency students could not type or speak their answer, but excelled at touching a picture with their correct response. We incorporated fun, casual, and colorful images that show scenes from everyday life. For instance, a student may not know how to write the word giraffe, but if asked to “touch the giraffe" they could.

Read Aloud 


TELL's innovative speech recognition technology allows the app to automatically assess students on the expressiveness, speed, and accuracy of their speaking skills.

Practice Before You Begin


Taking a test can be stressful. We incorporated a set of practice questions for each grade set, which allows students to get comfortable with the functionality of the app and the tasks they will be asked to complete.

Friendly Until the End


Because our students are not native English speakers, we included only the simplest and easiest to understand language.

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