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(Responsive Content Engine)

user experience design, information architecture

Research and Define the Needs


  • Conducted a content audit of existing print curriculum products with the content strategy group to determine digital needs

  • Gathered explicit and hidden needs from teacher focus groups

  • Prioritized the features and functionality with the business analyst, scrum master, head engineer, and product owner

  • Together, created a universal metadata structure to simplify the ingestion of dozens of epubs. This structure allowed for a single but flexible epub reader.



  • Sketched initial wireframes on whiteboards and in notebooks during group design sessions

  • Put together quick prototypes in Axure

  • Provided art direction to the user interface designers

  • After each round of review, we increased the fidelity of the Axure prototype to eventually be a fully clickable design 

  • Showed prototypes to the Education Advisory Panels (groups of Teachers around the country)

  • Adjusted designs based on all stakeholder feedback



  • Worked with engineers to set up common components and specs

  • Turned over specs via Zeplin

  • Worked with engineers to resolve design issues as they came up during 2-week sprints

  • QA'd the design in build



  • Communicated completed stories with all stakeholders via sprint demos

  • Gathered feedback on delivered functionality to determine what needs to be adjusted in subsequent sprints

  • Incorporated feedback into upcoming sprint plan

  • Measured performance with data analytics

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