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hey there

I'm Emily Anderson, UX and UI Designer



How I prefer to work

  • Gather needs from users and stakeholders
  • Define the problem to be solved
  • Prioritize high-level features and functionality
  • Sketch and wireframe ideas to the defined problem
  • Iterate and build prototypes of "sticky" ideas
  • User test wireframes and prototypes
  • Develop visual design
  • Create components and specs
  • Work alongside developers to adjust design issues
  • QA build
  • Communicate to stakeholders what was completed
  • Gather feedback for next iteration
  • Measure performance
How I work

user experience design, information architecture

The Responsive Content Engine (RCE) is an ePub reader aimed at educational content for K–12 students and teachers. The RCE allows users to easily read their digital lesson, take notes, interact with detailed assessment question types, listen to audio, share to Google Classroom, as well as view student's work.

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user interface design, graphic design, asset design


iLit (inspire Literacy) is a tablet-based reading intervention program for students in grades 4-10. iLit’s personalized instructional modules provide engaging activities and built-in reward systems that motivate struggling students.


iLit's reporting tool allows teachers and administrators to monitor performance and adapt instruction as needed.

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user experience design, user interface design, information architecture


Ed is an online learning system that allows students and teachers to manage their classroom material, assignments, grades, and class roster.

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user experience design, user interface design,

art direction


TELL (Test of English Language Learning) is an iPad-delivered, language proficiency assessment for Grades K–12. Students read, speak, draw, move, and type answers. Scoring is automatic and delivered to school administrators within minutes to help drive instruction and academic success.

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Emily Anderson – User Experience and User Interface Designer

I think the world can be changed by fearless design thinking.

We have much more to do! Agree? Let's talk.


Thank you!

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